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The best part of investing in Wellington Residencies by Duraville is the quality and assurance of construction. Also, Duraville works with the vision of providing affordable housing facility for the masses. Wellington Residencies of a Gated Guarded Community concept that allows you to have the safety while at the same time not having to worry about it all the time. The individual houses are connected with a concrete road network that makes it an ideal space for walking or for the kids to play around or cycle in safety.  

The property has an underground drainage system that provides you clean and hygienic conditions. There is a centralized water system that relieves from the trouble of having to manage your own water. All you need to concentrate on is to lead a good and peaceful life. 

For the purpose of leisure, there is a clubhouse that can be used for events and for occasions as well. Your kids will also be occupied and will also develop an attitude of leading an active lifestyle. There is a swimming pool for use by kids as well as adults. One can simply sit by the pool and get infected with the cheeriness of kids and everyone enjoying and relaxing by the pool. A great way to bond with other residents and for kids to learn the social skill at the right age! 

Along with this, there is also a basketball court that will keep you away from gadgets or for your kids who would otherwise spend their time idling around before TV.  All this is the need of the hour in today’s times. You will be spared from the trouble of driving your kids across the city for making them learn the game. For adults as well, it is a great place to come and see happy kids and teenagers playing the game. A great way to distress after the day’s work!

Along with all this, there is also a dedicated playground for kids as well. With all these facilities and lots of play time for kids, you can be sure of laying a healthy foundation at the very start of life. The benefits don’t just end here. You as an adult come to this open space for your leisure and even to meditate or simply get away from the honky-dory of life. This is something that everyone needs in today’s stressful times. As a parent, all you need is to be there to keep a watch over kids without having to think how they must use their free time productively. For older kids, you can sure that they are playing within the safety of the community.

The quality of products used also matches up to the quality standards. For the partitions of the bedroom steel framed fiber cement boards have been used. For the interior ceiling, there is gypsum board. Aluminum sliding windows and the steel staircase gives you added durability. For the look of your house, one coat of paint is provided for interior walls and for the exterior there are three coats. So it will be long before you will have to think about getting your house painted again. The toilet and bathroom come with elegant ceramic tiles. And kitchen comes with a slab and sink. Thereafter, you can take over as to house you wish to model your kitchen.

  • Gate Guarded Community
  • Concrete road network
  • Underground drainage system
  • Centralized Water System
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Children s Playground
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Townhouse Features and Finishes:

  • Steel Framed Fiber Cement Board Bedroom Partitions
  • Long Span Colored Roof on Steel Roof Framing
  • Gypsum Board for Interior Ceiling
  • Aluminum Sliding Windows
  • Steel Staircase
  • Flush Metal Door for Main & Service Entry
  • Tiled Kitchen Counter with Stainless Kitchen Sink
  • One coat of paint for Interior Walls
  • Three Coats of Paint for Exterior Walls
  • Steel Window Grills
  • Toilet & Bath with ceramic tiles


  • Floor  – Ground floor -  Plain cement finish.  No floor tiles.
  • Interior Walls  - Plastered – One Coat of Paint
  • Exterior Walls  - Two Coats of Paint
  • Windows  Front -  Aluminum Sliding Windows with Steel Windows Grill
  • Windows  Back -  Aluminum Sliding Windows with Steel Windows Grill
  • Windows  Sidewall – Aluminum Sliding Windows with Steel Windows Grill
  • Ceiling on Ground Floor  -  Gypsum Board for Interior Ceiling
  • Toilet & Bathroom  -  With floor tiles and one layer tiles on wall, with bowl and lavatory. One paint coating
  • Bedroom  -  Two Bedroom Partition
  • Stairs -  Steel Staircase
  • Kitchen Counter -  Tiled Kitchen Counter with Stainless Kitchen Sink
  • Roofing – Long Span Colored Roof on Steel Framing
  • Doors – Main Door:  Flush Metal Door, Service Entry - Flush Metal Door


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